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"This is a real opportunity to replace our current venues with a flagship venue that Perth & Kinross can be proud of."

Paul Cromwell, CEO, Live Active Leisure

Why support PH2O?

PH2O is Live Active Leisure's exciting new vision for delivering a sustainable hub of sports, leisure, play and physical activities in Perth City Centre. The plans include a 'one-stop', 21st century flagship facility where you can swim, improve your fitness in the gym, attend a wide range of sports and physical activity classes, curl and skate. We hope to add to this by linking indoor and outdoor activity with an amazing outdoor area bringing excitement and adventure to the outdoor through adventure play and exploration.

As we gain a growing understanding of the impacts of energy used in venues that have less sophisticated systems, as well as the long-term environmental effects of pools, ice plants and large sports centres, you will begin to see why it is so important that we find an improved, sustainable and flexible solution for leisure provision. PH2O gives us a very real, spend-to-save solution.

With two of our PH2O ambassadors bringing home medals from both the Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games, we know that PH2O is also the answer to fulfilling the sporting aspirations of future generations of potential world class athletes from across the entire Perth & Kinross area.

Our vision is to create a captivating venue set in an iconic public space that will provide a unique experience and an unrivalled mix of more than twenty sports and leisure opportunities in the heart of the city of Perth. We want to bring you a dynamic sports and leisure offer that you will find easy to reach, easy to access and that will allow us to commit to a long-term sustainable sport, leisure, fitness and general wellbeing opportunity for you, your children and beyond. A venue that will truly contribute to the quality of life of all of our community.

We are calling on you, as the people and businesses of Perth and Kinross who are the real stakeholders, to offer your support so that we might carry your hopes and aspirations with us into the next round of funding applications and negotiations.